CCYF 2020 COVID-19 Plan and Procedures

UpdatedFriday September 25, 2020 byBill Sones.


Flag Football Capacity Limits:

CCYF will adhere to the following for all events:

  • No more than 25 players on any surface / playing area for the team (there will be more than 25 players or participants on a single playing field (this does not include a maximum of 4 coaches / volunteers per team and a referee). Each team will have a maximum of 12 players to ensure that we can meet this requirement. 
  • No more than 50 players including players, coaches, referees or facility / activity workers in the aggregate in, on, or surrounding any surface / playing area at any one time, provided that there is adequate space for all players, coaches, referees, facility / activity workers to maintain at least six feet of distancing, recognizing that for flag football intermittent contact may occur for players.
  • Players must wear masks / facial coverings at all times.
  • Players NOT on the actual playing field will maintain six feet of social distance at all times.
  • Coaches / volunteers will be limited to essential personnel and volunteers only (including referees).  
  • There will be only one spectator allowed per player at the events and spectators will be limited to the walkway on the high school side and the hill behind the CCHS upper turf fields.  Spectators will be allowed into the bleachers on Memorial Field but distancing protocols must be followed closely.  Masks will be required for each spectator.  Spectators are not allowed on the field or sidelines.
  • Spectators will be checked in as they drop off their children for games / events (to ensure that only one spectator per child is maintained.
  • Players and spectators for games on Doug White field must enter through the parking lot entrance. Players and spectators for games on Turf 2 must enter through the walkway from the loop road around the high school. 
  • Sportsmanship should continue in a touchless manner - no handshakes / slaps / fist bumps.
  • Once athletes have completed their practice or event, they must leave the area immediately in case another team is taking the field to ensure adequate space for distancing.

Hygiene Protocols

  • CCYF will ensure that any shared personal equipment is disinfected (footballs, etc.) before and during practices / events from the list of disinfectants meeting CEP criteria for use against the novel coronavirus. 
  • CCYF will minimize the sharing of other equipment, and clean and disinfect all shared equipment at the end of a practice session using a product from the list of disinfectants meeting CEP criteria for use against the novel coronavirus. 
  • No shared food or drink may be provided during any activities.
  • No food or snacks will be allowed at the facility
  • Water bubblers, bottle filling stations will not be utilized during any events / practices.  All participants, coaches, referees and spectators should only drink from their own containers.
  • All players are required to wear a mouthguard.  Mouthguards CANNOT be shared and hands must be sanitized anytime that they take it out.
  • Participants, coaches, and referees must achieve proper hand hygiene at the beginning and end of all activities, either through handwashing with soap and water or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • CCYF will ensure that participants arrive dressed for the practice / event and to leave immediately after the practice / event.  

Staffing and Safety Procedure Operations / General Precautions

  • To participate or attend, CCYF will ensure that all participants, coaches, referees, other volunteers and any spectators must show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days.  Current list of symptoms are available from the CDC.
  • Anyone who is sick or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19— including players, family members, coaches, and staff — should not attend practices or games. 
  • If any individual develops symptoms of COVID-19 during the activity / event, they should promptly inform coaches and organizers and must be removed from the activity and instructed to return home.
  • CCYF is responsible for following all guidelines and creating a safe environment for participants.
  • CCYF will educate all participants, coaches, and referees on the applicable protocols for the relevant activity, protocols for entering / leaving the facilities at CCHS, and any other hygiene requirements.
  • CCYF will ensure that hand sanitizer is available to all participants, coaches, and referees.
  • CCYF will also have first aid kits available at the playing area and front tables.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Organizers should disinfect any shared equipment (footballs, flags, etc.) before and after each activity / practice - during games, each team will utilize its own football that will be cleaned at halftime and periodically throughout the game / practice.  Players’ individual flags will be disinfected prior to, during (at halftime) and after each game / practice.


Field Use

  • CCYF has traditionally utilized 4 games per football/soccer field (at CCHS’ Upper Turf Fields) on Sundays for a maximum of 8 games per session (with two sessions being held on Sundays).
  • In this revised plan, fields will be outlined based on the available space, with 30 feet or more of separation between fields for proper (social distance) exiting and departure of players, coaches, and referees.  This is within EEA guidelines of 14 feet.
  • The limited number of spectators allowed must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between spectator groups and wear masks / face coverings at all times. 

Arrival / Departure

  • All players must remain in their cars until 10 minutes before the practice / game.
  • Athletes must be picked up immediately after a practice / game if another scheduled event is immediately following an athlete’s event (they must clear the parking lot before the next activity or event).
  • Times between games will include at least 10 minutes.  10 minutes for the teams to vacate the field and field personnel to clean the football, cones, pylons and other equipment.  10 minutes for the incoming teams to enter and gather.
  • Games will start and end at a specific time regardless of any time stoppages.


Contact Tracing / Other Rules

  • Coaches will keep a log of all players / volunteers who participate in each game / practice.  This log will be turned in to CCYF’s front desk at the end of each game / practice.


Revised Safety Protocols / No Contact Rules

  • All players on both teams must start from a spread formation (at least 6 feet apart from another player).
  • All players must be run from a shotgun formation of at least 6 feet.
  • All defensive players must line up at least 6 feet off of the line of scrimmage and lined up at least 6 feet apart.
  • For plays that end inside the 2 yard line, the ball will be spotted on the 2 yard line.
  • Each session will last for 80 minutes.  A 25 minute practice time will be followed by a 25 minute running time half.  A 5 minute half time and a 25 minute running time second half.  Once the 80 minute mark is hit, the game / session will end regardless of time on the clock.
  • Teams will “calisthenics” type huddle at least 15 yards from the line of scrimmage with all players and coaches at least 6 feet apart.
  • All discussions with coaches and / or players, referees and other coaches will be at least 6 feet apart.
  • Once the defender pulls a flag with his glove, he will drop flag on ground for offensive player to receive.
  • No forward handoffs.
  • No runners can flag guard (slap defensive players hand away)
  • No other offensive player can run alongside a ball carrier
  • Runners need to avoid contact with any defensive player.  If they are running downfield and the defender is right in front of them, they need to avoid them.  If they purposely do not avoid the defender, they will be ejected from the game.
  • Defenders need to avoid contact just pull the flag.  If they do NOT try for flag or push runner, they will be ejected from the game.
  • Offensive players cannot purposely block or purposely get in the way of a defensive rusher.
  • Offense players cannot “pick” defenders on pass routes.
  • Defenders are not allowed to “bump” receivers.
  • Defensive plates may not charge through an offensive player in a “non-moving screen”, they must go around the player.
  • Defensive players may not attempt to strip the ball and / or hit the quarterback’s arm while he/she is throwing.
  • Defensive players may not dive from behind to pull the flag.