Start of 2018 Tackle Season

UpdatedThursday August 9, 2018 byDennis Morgan.

The 2018 CC Youth Football season officially starts on Monday. Here is how the next few weeks will work.


  • Practice Monday will be at the upper grass field.
  • Starting Tuesday, all practices will be on Memorial Field. 
  • Unless otherwise noted, practices will be 6-8pm. 
  • For the next two weeks, practices will be four nights a week: Monday through Thursday.
  • We are also likely to practice four nights the last week of August, but we will get back to you on this. 
  • Starting in September, practices will be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings (Sat time TBD). 


  • We will distribute equipment during practice on Monday. The grass field is next to the equipment container, so we can keep practice going while we take small groups through the equipment process. 
  • We supply all equipment except for a mouth guard, protective cup, socks and cleats. The first five practices will be in shorts and shirts, so only cleats are needed. 
  • Please note that a protective cup and mouth guard are mandatory. We don't check for cups, but we won't let a player have contact without a mouth guard. 
  • We also recommend a tight fitting athletic t-shirt to wear under the shoulder pads. Dick's sells specialty ones with extra padding. Some kids like this, but it's not necessary. 

Conditioning Requirement

  • AYF rules require all players to complete 10 hours of conditioning practices before they can practice in equipment.
  • This means that the first potential practice in full gear will be Wed, Aug 22. We will track attendance so that we know when we can allow each player to wear pads. 
  • If you will miss any of the first week of practice, we can count any of the workouts during the last two weeks towards the minimum 10 hours. 


  • Our first games will be the weekend of Sep 8-9 (games are usually Sunday).
  • We will have 8 weekends of regular season games, potentially with playoffs to follow. The league has not posted the game schedule yet, but there will be a game every weekend starting September 8-9.